This retreat provides a place for women who want to unplug and take a guided journey inside and renew their power.
Women who want to come together and pray collecticely for the earth, and its children.
The focus is on mind, body, spirt, and soul,
Monday - Sunday
Friday - Sunday
Email host for summer dates
Your Host
Jill Rae Faulkner
Jill Rae Faulkner

A women's only retreat is a unique way to get in touch with nurturing feelings that you ordinarily are too busy to deal with. Often burdened by the demands of work and family, you are left feeling stressed and like you need something "more".


Women, at this time in our history we are being filled with higher dimensional energy. We are coming out of the dark and losing our fears. This is a great time to embrace and celebrate our sovereignty.

In an atmosphere of nature and the Feminine Divine, we will  
practice simple tools to journey within. Part retreat, part vacation this women's retreat in Minnesota will sooth your body, mind and spirit.

  • Speak the language of our soul.
  • Share with each other from the untapped knowledge of our hearts.
  • Acknowledge our own truths.
  • Recognize our gifts.
  • Heal our wounds.
  • Reconnect our bodies to nature.
  • Explore the dimensions of our consciousness.
  • Connect with the power of the divine feminine energy.
  • Honor the earth.

This is a wonderful gift for yourself or another special female. Great for all the women in your family and for women’s circles already in place.

Your Host
Jill Rae Faulkner
Jill Rae Faulkner

Take each day at your own pace. Participate in a variety of activities, or just take quiet time for yourself.

Morning Wake Up:
  • 5 easy Tibetan exercises to balance and harmonize your body, mind and spirit.
  • Universal stretches
  • Breath work
Class (1 hour)
Free Time (2 hours)
Class (1 hour)
Free Time – enjoy boating, hot tub or a movie
Free Time
Bon Fire (3 hours of sharing)
Class Topics Include:
  • How to Love Your Fear
  • Navigating in the Light
  • Meditation Versus Contemplation
  • Dimensions Definition and Explanations
  • How to Fully Rest the Mind
  • The Power of Your Alter
Free Time:
You are welcome to bring your own toys, please check with the Host first.
Special Bonus:
Experience an intuitive reading at the start and end of the retreat.
  • June 23 – 28
  • July 14 – 19
  • July 21-26
  • August 4 - 9
  • August 11-16

Enjoy a private 4,000 sq.ft. modern, lake residence that sits on 3 acres with more than 300 feet of sandy beach on a private point. Very quiet and serene with beautiful sunrises. Wifi available.


$1,000 All-inclusive

An abundance of nourishing organic meals, snacks and reverse osmosis water.

Diverse menu accommodates a vegetarian diet.

  • *Scholarships available.
  • * Discounts for families.
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